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If you do end up having a warrant, act immediately to avoid arrest! If you are arrested you will be required to post bail to secure your release from custody.

You may post bail in the form of a surety bond obtained through a licensed bail bondsman; you may deposit cash in the amount of your bail; or you may surrender yourself and request that a magistrate release you on a personal bond without sureties or other security.


At Access Bonding, we know having a loved one in jail can be a difficult or confusing situation that requires the help of an experienced bail bond agent That’s why our friendly bond agents are ready to take your call and help make the bonding process as easy as possible. We are available to you 24 hours a day. We understand the court system and can give candid advice on information such as:

  • How to Bail Someone Out of Jail
  • Jail Inmate Information
  • Posting Bail
  • Questions for your Bondsman
  • Requirements after Bail has been Posted

If you or someone you love has a warrant out for their arrest and you need bail, don’t hesitate to call Access Bonding Service immediately! You never know when you will need bail bonds but if you do call Access Bonding Service  for a confidential call.