Bail Bond Process

The bail bond process to release someone from jail may seem intimidating and overwhelming, but Access Bonding Service is here to help make it as easy for you as possible.

Bail Bond Process Starts With Getting Arrested

Bail bond process takes time - image of clockWhen a person is arrested, law enforcement officials will transport the defendant to a local police station for processing and booking, including fingerprinting, recording of information about the alleged crime and the suspect, including name, address, birthday and appearance. Mug shot photography and nationwide criminal database searches are completed. Police officers will seize and inventory any personal property, which will be returned when the defendant is released. The defendant will be examined for intoxication and may be allowed to make a telephone call.

Police will place the defendant in a jail or holding cell, often with other recently booked suspects. A defendant may be allowed to post bail immediately after being booked on a less serious offense. The defendant must complete the prescribed booking process During the bail bond process, the defendant may be offered an option to pay bail according to a list of common non-violent crimes, such as drunken driving or theft. For more serious crimes, the defendant may have to wait up to 48 hours for a bail hearing in which a judge determines if the defendant will be offered a bail and at what amount. Typically, payment of the bail bond s required prior to release from jail. A released defendant must agree to appear for scheduled court dates and cooperate with conditions while awaiting trial.

Bail Bond Process Requires Money

Bail is the security or sum of money given as a surety that an accused person temporarily released from custody will return at an appointed time for an appearance in court. In many cases, court appearances can begin weeks and even months after the initial arrest. Bail provides freedom for the defendant to work and live as normally as possible, without missing family events and holidays.

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