Houston Non-Arrest Bail Bonds

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Complete Services for Non-Arrest Bail Bonds

A non-arrest bail bond is basically considered an open warrant for the arrest of someone accused of a crime. When a non-arrest bail bond happens, it is most often in cases in which a person misses his or her court date, and a warrant is issued for his or her arrest. Non-arrest bail bonding allows a defendant to post bond before they are taken to jail, therefore skipping that unsavory part of the process. Houston non-arrest bail bonds are a special process and should only be handled by an expert bonding company like Access Bonding Service.

A non-arrest bail bond, just as other bail bonds, produces a contractual legal agreement between the defendant and the court, where the court allows the defendant to be let go from confinement pending the outcome of the legal case. Meanwhile, the defendant agrees to appear whenever the court requires his or her appearance during the case.

Contact the Experts for Non-Arrest Bail Bonds

If you have any questions about a Houston non-arrest bail bonds or if you have missed your day in court and want to avoid jail time, call us immediately. We can guide you through the entire process, and you can begin the process of having your court date rescheduled. Contact one of our bilingual, expert bail bonding agents today for all of your Houston non-arrest bail bonds.