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Access Bonding Service, in business since 1973, provides easy bail bonds service for bond hearings Houston and Harris County, Texas depend on. A bond hearing is a court proceeding in which a defendant requests to be released from law enforcement custody prior to the conclusion of a criminal legal case. Call us when you need help with a bond hearing.

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A judge will decide whether a defendant in custody accused of a criminal offense will be released from custody during a court proceeding called a bond hearing. A judge will specify circumstances and conditions to make sure the defendant appears in subsequent court hearings. The amount of the bail is determined by the judge. All defendants, except those accused of capital murder, have a right to be released from custody by bail, if they have the required financial or property collateral for the bond. A defense attorney may ask for a hearing for a reduction in bail if he or she can show that the accused lacks the collateral to pay a bond, is not considered a flight risk, has community ties and is not a danger to the victim of the crime or the general public. Also, the judge may release the defendant under personal recognizance.

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Access Bonding Service, established in 1973, provides the most complete, convenient and affordable bail bond service. Get to know the different Access Bonding Service makes:

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