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texas inmate search man in cuffsCall us at 713-223-3101 for a free Texas Inmate Search to find your family member or friend who may be locked up in jail. Do you believe someone may have been arrested and taken to jail in Houston? Or do you have a suspicion someone may have been incarcerated? Confirming that he or she is in jail is the first step to assisting that person in getting out of jail.

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Call us now for a quick Texas-based inmate search. We have the tools to conduct the search fast, free and no questions asked. Our friendly staff is available to do the search for you no. So don’t hesitate to call.  Even if you think they have been arrested for a DWI we can help locate them in jail.

Texas Inmate Search to Find Someone

texas inmate search woman searching for personIf you have unsuccessful attempted to find someone or cannot reach them by a telephone call or text, and you suspect they may have been involved in an incident with law enforcement officials or in a potential crime, the first step in helping them is to confirm whether or not they are in custody and incarcerated in jail. We can conduct a fast and secure Texas Inmate Search to positively determine whether or not the person you are looking for is in jail or not. Call Access Bonding Service for a complimentary search today for anyone in Harris County Jail.


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Once you’ve found out that a friend or family member is in fact in jail, we can help you take the next steps in getting them out. We can answer questions you may have about the types of bail bonds that are available. Our objective is getting the person you care about out of custody and out of jail and back home. We know the process well from beginning and end, and make the sequence as easy as possible for you. Plus, we will complete the bail bond process quickly, discreetly and affordably. Call us for a a Texas Inmate Search—provided free of charge. We have provided high-quality bail bonds services since 1976, and you can be assured that your bail bonds needs will be handled with the response, care and professionalism that you deserve.

We provide a Texas Inmate Search – free of charge – so you can find your family member or friend who may be in jail. If you suspect that your loved one has been taken to jail, but are unsure of what jail they might be in, you need to call Access Bonding Service at 713-223-3101 for inmate search. We can help you locate your loved one for free.

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Access Bonding Service will help you locate your loved one and can help you throughout the Houston bail bonds process.    Call us today at 713-223-3101.