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Houston bail bond tips - helpful tipsHouston Bail Bond Tips

This page is a resource containing useful advice related to bonding services and Houston bail bond tips.

What is Bail?

In short, Bail is the security – cash – or bond given that allows an accused person to be temporarily released from custody so that they can continue their lives while preparing for court.

What determines how much Bail is?

Bail amounts in Texas are set on a county level by the County Bail Boards. Annually, the county reviews the bail schedule and publish it for public and law enforcement use. When setting bail amounts, public safety is always the first consideration. The more severe the crime, the higher the bail amount. County bail schedules will generally include bail amounts for crimes as well as crimes plus extenuating circumstances.

How much does it cost to bail someone out of jail?

This is a question best answered by a licensed bail agent. Please contact us using our secure form or call one of our Access Bonding Service Agents at713-223-3101.

How do I pay for the Bail Bond?

We accept checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. In addition, we know the cost of thebail bond is often more than many people have at hand. For this reason, Access Bonding Service offers various payment options with flexible financing and payment plans.

What happens when a person is arrested?

When a person is arrested they will be taken to a local law enforcement station for processing and booking. Processing and booking includes fingerprinting, pictures, and nation-wide computer database searches.

What are the differences between other bail services and Access Bonding Service?

There are many companies in Houston that offer various bonding services but we at Access Bonding Service know that it takes years of experience to understand the complexities of the legal system. We understand that entrusting your loved one’s freedom is hard but we are here to help you through the process.

What if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions not answered in this FAQ page or if you want to obtain a bail bond, please feel free to call us at 713-223-3101 or email us anytime.  A qualified Access Bonding Service agent will be happy to answer all of your questions and assist with all of your bail bond needs.