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Access Bonding Service, Houston, Texas, has the expertise and experience to handle bail bonds of all types, including appeal bonds. Depending on the criminal offense on which a defendant is convicted and awaiting sentencing, an appeal bond may be an option if the sentence is appealed. Generally, violent crimes disqualify a defendant from eligibility for a bond pending appeal. Call Access Bonding Service on questions about Houston appeal bonds.

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A defendant can file an appeal in an attempt to prove his or her innocence of a crime if they believe they have been wrongfully convicted. As appeals often are a long process, an appeal bond can provide assurance that the defendant is not locked up as the appeal moves its way through the courts and the legal system.

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Similar to typical bail bonds, criminal appeal bonds are mandatory when a court official permits a convicted person to be released from jail while the appeal moves forward. The bonding company can offer a contractual promise to cover the cost of the appeal—nd possibly other costs—if the case is unsuccessful.

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Access Bonding Service has decades of experience and expertise in Houston appeal bonds, along with all other types of bail bonds. Established in 1973, the company provides the most complete, convenient and affordable bail bond service in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area and Harris County, Texas.

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